Research Center

Cambodia Property Research

In a market where there is little accurate information that is publicly available, CBRE Cambodia’s Research Team draws from a database built on transactional data obtained from the broadest agency team in Cambodia. This, combined with our own field surveys and reputable secondary data sources, enables us to provide the most reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive assessments of the Cambodian property market available.

The latest market intelligence and detailed analysis in our research reports and market studies supports our clients as they predict future trends and behaviour, enabling them to make key decisions that can create a unique and competitive edge.

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International Property Research

CBRE sets the standard for global real estate research by providing clients with accurate and insightful market knowledge.

CBRE Research is an integrated community of preeminent researchers who provide real estate market research, econometric forecasting and corporate- and public-sector strategies to investors and occupiers around the globe.

Our network of researchers extends to a global community of more than 400 specialists, backed up by proprietary data-sets and technologies, allowing us to provide thoughtful, forward-looking insights into real estate trends, strategies and opportunities around world, to guide our clients in achieving distinctive and substantial performance.

We have curated some of CBRE Research’s output which is pertinent to trends in Cambodia. For the full library of CBRE Research reports please visit