Property Management

Property Management

Our Property Management team is dedicated to creating advantage for real estate investors and occupiers throughout the property lifecycle. We are with you from start to finish with services that span across a wide range of asset classes. We work hard to ensure that properties are safe and well maintained and that efficient operations and prioritized in order to effectively control costs, with the result that our expertise helps preserve and increase occupancy rates, effective utility, rental income and capital values.

Our Property Management team work across the country and with all asset types. Our team work alongside clients to maximise real estate value by aligning building operational performance with broader business objectives and have services for offices, condominiums, apartments, shopping centers, housing estates and villa developments.

At CBRE Cambodia we have a bespoke approach in which we tailor the project to your specific needs. We first seek to fully understand your needs. What is important to you in relation to your asset and why? What are your goals as an occupier or investor?

Second, we endeavor to get to know every aspect of your asset and its occupiers.

Third, we tap into our regional CBRE network as well as the network of professionals we have in our supply chain, providing you with a best in industry professionals and ensuring that we create a value-add for you at every step.

By putting all of these aspects together, we firmly believe that we are able to deliver on the following:

  1. The asset itself. Ensuring that the human interface it has with its occupiers is as effective and efficient as possible.
  2. A great occupier experience which delivers a strong return for you, the client.
  3. An exemplary asset experience.

Our day to day scope of services includes:

  • Property engineering & preventative maintenance
  • Accounting & financial reporting
  • Human resources, recruitment & training of Property Management staff
  • Value enhancement
  • Energy management of office, shopping centres, condominiums, apartments and villas
  • Safety programmes
  • Efficient management of security, cleaning and landscaping to continually enhance the asset
  • Consultancy services including design, advice & property management audits
  • Advice on compliance matters

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