Premier Pushes Skyscrapers

14 February 2012 | Posted in Blog

The Phnom Penh Post reported on Friday the 10th of February, 21012, that Prime Minister Hun Sen has promised an accolade to the builder of Cambodia’s next sky scraper. 

Premier Hun Sen downplayed contention surrounding disputes on the construction of tall buildings near the Kingdom’s monuments and commented at the opening of the new Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, before hundreds of government officals that “Construction investments in Cambodia increased by about 105 percent in 2011, hitting US$1.73 billion….Curently, there are no problems with skyscrapers [in Cambodia] and I declare that I will grant a medal to the builder of the highest skyscraper,” The premier said.

With Vattanac Tower due to complete this year, the next highest skyscraper in Phnom Penh will face tough competition.