Kingdom’s Tourism Growth to Reach 20%

29 March 2012 | Posted in News

Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism is projecting sizeable growth for the industry this year, according to Director General Tith Chantha.

Pointing to the about 28 percent year-on-year increase in visitors in January, he said the ministry has estimated the rest of 2012 would enjoy a similar upward trend. “The jump [in January] will lead our total for the year to increase at least 20 percent.” he said. Tith Chantha credited the rising figure to greater flight connection with ASEAN countries. However, Ho Vandy, co-chair of the Government Private Sector Working Group on Tourism, said any number of factors could affect the Kingdom’s tourism industry, not the least of was economic troubles in Europe, and as a result there was no guarantee the ministry’s target would be reached. “It could be wrong or right because many issues are occurring now,” he said.