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Monthly Archives: October 2011

CBRE Cambodia at the 2011 IBC Conference – Cambodian Real Estate Session

The International Business Chamber (IBC) conference took place last week (11th -12th October) creating a buzz around Phnom Penh and attracting a whole host of international and national companies.  The mood was very upbeat with a palpable air of optimism expressed between national and international guests and speakers alike.  IBC ‘break-out’ sessions covered a wide

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Speculation over a circa $100,000,000 property investment

A recent publication in the Phnom Penh Post (14th October 2011) has drawn attention to what Tom Brennan (of the Phnom Penh Post) describes as ‘the biggest property deal in half a decade’ within Cambodia and that the deal will almost certainly exceed Hong Kong Land’s recent property investment in which a number of land

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